Hydraulic Hose

Wire Braided, Wire Spiral, Textile
Braided, Teflon and Others
United Hose offers a wide range of High pressure Hydraulic Lines for use with petroleum, synthetic or water based fluids in Hydraulics system suitable for Agriculture Earthmoving & Material Handling equipments and machineries / systems.  …read more

Industrial Hose

Mandreal Built, Wire Braided, Water & Steam, Air, Material and Chemical And Oil S&D.
We provide various kind of Industrial Hose to meet the requirement of various industries and other application with high quality and competitive prices. …read more

special Hose

Wire Braided, Pressure Washer
Mineral oils, vegetable and rape seed oils, glycol and poly glycol based oils, synthetic ester based oils, oils in aqueous emulsion, water, diesel fuel, gasoline. Oil & weather resistant synthetic rubber. …read more